Adamantei-hais-e-Ryoguin-ai-Kegn-Brun-il-Igeiya-Sfeui, also know as Adamanteus, is the Artifact forged by Leon Takahashi, founder of the Takahashi clan. It was passed down the Samouryan House of Takahashi for generations and is currently in the hands of Erana Takahashi. Its full name means, "Adamant is the glory of heaven fused with mortal steel" in ancient Samouryan. It is made of adamant, an alloy of iron, chromium, dailask, and kapuvium.

Abilities Edit

Adamanteus is often referred to as the "transforming sword," as it has 29 different forms that it can take, each form with its own magical ability. However, none of Adamanteus's forms enhance the user's abilities and one must be decently skilled at swordplay in order to wield it. All forms have the same hilt, red with a golden and black dragon coiling around it (albeit in different sizes and shapes). The scabbard is the same color as well, blood red with carvings of flowers and leaves. Adamanteus's original form is a dark steel colored katana called Adamantei.

Different Forms of Adamanteus Edit

Name # Type of Blade Abilities
Adamantei 1 Katana Corruption
Vahlyeris 2 Saber Cutting
Nira 3 Broadsword
Aerasay 9
Verjoskatular 15 Claymore Defense and blunt force
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi 29 Wind