Synopsis Edit

The Augustine family is a very widely dispersed clan. Unlike the noble families of Samouryu or Areiland, or the Jan Tribe in Iyoneu, the Augustines hold no family lands or wealth and do not recognize themselves as a family. They can be grouped into three branches, the St. Augustine, the San Agustin, and the Augustin.

Known Members Edit

Name Status Affiliation Branch
Adèlaide St. Augustine Active Hayashi Clan St. Augustine
Dania Ikeda née Takala Deceased Xepoaios Royal Family Augustin
Meri Takala Active None Augustin
Alexei Ikeda Active Hayashi Clan Augustin
Leo San Augustin Deceased Kapuluan Empire San Agustin
Anthony San Augustin Deceased Kapuluan Empire San Agustin
Mercurio- Eric San Agustin Active Selene's Syndicate San Agustin
Romulus San Agustin Deceased Iyoneu San Agustin
Raiyiiou San Agustin Active Hayashi Clan San Agustin
Reyja San Agustin Active 5th Iyonuan Special Forces Squad San Agustin
Rayko San Agustin Missing Iyoneu San Agustin
Danielle St. Augustine Deceased House of Aegaryes St. Augustine