The following is a list of the clans and families of Aurumcollis and Samouryu that are mentioned in the books. They are ordered by the country they owe allegiance to.

Clans Edit

Samouryu Edit

  • Takahashi
  • Eckhardt

Xepoaios Edit

  • Elleria

Kapulua Edit

  • Yi
  • Marković

Northcrest Edit

  • Ivanov
  • Yi
  • Hayashi

Alvaria Edit

  • Lee
  • Kumar

The Eastern Montagna/ Eastern Union idk yet Edit

  • Takahashi
  • Reynolds
  • Valence
  • Kumar

Iyoneu Edit

  • Randall
  • Anderson
  • Eckhardt

Akramorn Edit

  • Akselsen
  • Zhang

Lillior Edit

  • Ibáñez

Ekand Edit

  • Hendrix

Ri Edit

  • Zhang

Heia Edit

  • Smith
  • Lee

Celestierra Edit

  • Reynolds

The Midlands Edit

  • Carson
  • Valence

Areiland Edit

  • Kang

Families Edit

House of Aegaryes Edit

Allegiance: Areiland

House of Takahashi Edit

Allegiance: Samouryu

Augustine Family Edit

Three main branches: St. Augustine, San Agustin, and Augustin

Allegiance: none

House of Valheia Edit


Jan Tribe Edit

Allegiance: Iyoneu

Ikeda Family Edit

Secondary branch: Ikeda Royal Family

Allegiance: None