Information Edit

The Hayashi clan is the nineteenth clan of Aurumcollis. Its founder was Regina Hayashi, who created the Artifact Junandare. The ability to shape-shift into a particular animal is the Hayashi clan magic.The current leader is Calixto Matthews.

Headquarters Location Edit

The Hayashi clan is based in Northcrest. Its current Aurumcollian headquarters is Raymond Aldrich's country residence in the Raehgard Mountains just outside the Northcrestern city of Regina. Its headquarters on Earth is Aldrich's house in Phoenix, Arizona.

Members Edit

Name Generation Group Animal Status
Erana Takahashi 184th Team Aldrich Phoenix Active
Alexei Ikeda 184th Team Aldrich

Ikeda Squad

Dragon Active
Yonghu Lin 184th Team Aldrich Hawk Active
An Li Lin 184th Team Aldrich Wolf Active
Levon Delacroix 184th Team Aldrich Sea Serpent Active
Devika Murugan 184th Team Aldrich Mockingbird Defected
Violet Liang 184th Team Aldrich Polar Bear Deceased
Janus Parker 184th None Ibex Defected
Kyla Venegas 184th Team Rio Dragon Deceased
Ito Alvarez 184th Team Rio Jackal Active
Stella Salvajeau 184th Team Rio Missing
Mikhael Heliohara 184th None Deceased
Iekika Alana 184th Mice of Tyantree N/A Defected
Joel Nikkahandi 184th Mice of Tyantree Deceased
Veles Julios 184th Deceased
Chanelle 184th Selene's Syndicate Active
Rathanak Keo 184th Selene's Syndicate Basilisk Defected
Eden Leviant 184th None Deceased
Momoka Jan-el-Amin 184th 5th Iyonuan Special Forces Platoon N/A Defected
Cara Caito 184th None Swan Deceased
Sophia Hyata 184th House of Aegaryes N/A Defected
Raiyiiou San Agustin 184th 5th Iyonuan Special Forces Platoon N/A Active
Kamilla Adenauer 184th Mice of Tyantree N/A Active
Hailey Safyurtlu 184th None Defected
Aiden Takahashi 183rd None Active
Calixto Matthews 183rd None Active
Kelvin Demetriou 183rd None Deceased
Lyra Demetriou 183rd None Semi-Active
Mikayla Lin 183rd None Deceased
Raymond Aldrich 182nd None Grizzly Bear Deceased

Clan Chiefs Edit

Name Generation Status
Erana Takahashi 184th Active
Calixto Matthews 183rd Active
Raymond Aldrich 182nd Deceased
Mikayla Lin 183rd Deceased
Stefano Ariba 182nd Deceased