History Edit

The Aegaryes are an ancient family belonging to the country of Areiland. During the times of the Areiland empire, similar to the Takahashi family in Samouryu and the Fujiwara family in Japan, they were advisers of the emperor and gained power by marrying into the royal family. After the fall of the empire in the Third Great Continental war, the Aegaryes continued to dominate in politics, mostly through bribery and blackmail. After the Second Hayashi-Randall war, however, with the rise of Glorias faction, they lost power and, in the aftermath of a failed coup, were eventually accused of treason and exterminated.

They are associated with the Hayashi, Randall and Carson clans.

Known Members Edit

Name Status
Gregory Aegaryes Deceased
Richard L. Aegaryes Deceased
Mira Aegaryes-Valheia Deceased
Maximilien Aegaryes Deceased
Angelica Aegaryes Deceased
Brandon Aegaryes Deceased
Leila Aegaryes Deceased
Cecelia Aegaryes Deceased
Sophia Hyata Active
Ryan Hyata Deceased
Elias Jan-Aegaryes Deceased
Alina Corbelle Deceased
Danielle St. Augustine Deceased