Description Edit

A special forces squad that consists of eight people in the Xepoaian Brigade that are closest to and most trusted by Alexei. They are carefully dispersed through the brigade as to be able to quickly turn over their commands as necessary to their subordinates and join Alexei in case of an emergency. The squad members can all work together decently (the reason Meri Takala was rejected was due to her inability to cooperate with Naoki), but they are individually skilled in different specialized areas. According to Cevan Traska, the rank in the brigade does not matter in the squad, experience, fighting ability and intuition matter more instead.

Members Edit

Brigadier General Alexei Ikeda Edit

The founder of the brigade, aramere socius to the leader of the Hayashi clan, and former Xepoaian prince. He is the leader of the Ikeda Squad.

Colonel Rani Alscher Edit

The highest-ranking by seniority and Alexei's right hand. She was the one who inspired him to create a space in the military for Xepoaians and other minorities seeking a future and helped him set up the brigade. Bought and freed by Selene's Syndicate, she met Alexei through Selene and decided to become his subordinate.

Colonel Edward Jazayeri Edit

The oldest member of the squad, and the only one with any military experience prior to joining the Xepoaian brigade. Alexei calls him, "the only cautious one in a team of reckless idiots." Raised on Earth, he served briefly in both the US Army and the Samouryan army before returning to Aurumcollis when he heard stories of the magic-user prince.

Lieutenant Colonel Naoki Collins Edit

The half-Xepoaian, half-Akramorni magic user from the Akselsen clan who barely escaped being sold into slavery at eleven years old when his mountain village was raided. He joined Alexei as a result, seeking protection and revenge.

Major Cevan Traska Edit

A former slave who escaped and became a criminal in the Halveilis underworld. Alexei met him by chance in an alleyway and after Cevan attempted to kill him, they struck a deal in which Cevan would be Alexei's subordinate in exchange for his sisters' futures. Alexei trains him at Rani's request, as she spots talent in him. His major goal is to surpass his teacher by defeating Alexei in a fight.

Lieutenant Maya Wardsdarry Edit

Was originally sent by her master to infiltrate and spy on the Xepoaian brigade, but instead, after meeting Rani and Alexei, told them everything on the condition that they would not send her back. Alexei sent her information to Detlev, who used it to help Stella Salvajeau assassinate Maya's former master.

Lieutenant James Caito Edit

The youngest son of Alexei's former master Hector Caito, and the only non-Xepoaian back then who ever treated him as human. Alexei sees him as a steadfast, reliable, predictable old friend.

Corporal Sonya Serranos Edit

At fourteen, the youngest member of the squad and an extremely capable Kang magic-user. She was born in a refugee camp and, seeing no purpose in staying, picked a fight with Detlev (who was recruiting there). According to Calixto and James, her personality is Alexei all over again, when he was little.

Private Detlev Cassano Edit

A noble from Valeihya, the son of a Samouryan baron. Erana Takahashi's former friend, and distant relative. The only member of the squad who is not recognizable by sight and has no obvious ties to the Xepoaian brigade or the Hayashi clan, he often goes on scouting or incognito missions, particularly in countries such as Iyoneu or Areiland. In the army, he is the most well-informed intelligence officer as the majority scouts report to him and nearly every report passes through his hands, his rank of private being merely a facade for him to hide behind.